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The South West Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) supports the building of capacity, skills, knowledge and confidence in local communities to raise awareness, and ultimately the adoption, of new and innovative sustainable agricultural practices.

The RLF network is a national initiative of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, with RLFs based in the 56 NRM Regions throughout Australia. They work closely with local Landcare groups and individual land managers and are considered a key delivery mechanism for the Australian Government and the Regions. SWCC has been an advocate of the RLF initiative since its inception and ensures that the South West community continues to be supported through the RLF program.

The South West RLF project has supported Landcare and NRM groups across the region in 2014-15, as well as a number of farmers, to increase their knowledge and skills in sustainable agriculture through funding for events, training and capacity building. The project supported a total of 17 events, which were attended by over 920 people, and covered topics such as soil health, holistic management, product marketing and branding, alternative production methods, whole of property planning and agroforestry. This support included a coordinated Landcare Exhibit at the 2015 Wagin Woolarama for seven Landcare and NRM groups and a Landcare Tent at the 2015 Balingup Small Farm Field Day for six groups.

In addition to supporting community and grower groups, the project has supported 12 community members and farmers to attend five events to improve their skills and knowledge in relation to sustainable agriculture practices. The community and agricultural sectors are further involved via a community-based RLF Steering Committee that oversees the project.

The project also disseminates sustainable agriculture and related information to the community through the RLF e-newsletter, RLF page on the SWCC website, social media and direct engagement at supported events.

The South West RLF project will continue to support group activities and individuals, with the aim to continue to build skills, knowledge and confidence in implementing sustainable agricultural practices in the South West. SWCC has two RLFs who will continue to seek out ways of engaging new audiences and reaching new sectors of the community and farming sectors.

“Throughout the [Holistic Management] course participants were challenged to take the new knowledge with the provided materials and implement it on their own farms and bring back the learning to each session to share and discuss their learning and progress. Evidence of learning through sharing of personal expenses planning, personal grazing charts and personal testing of decisions towards actual Holistic Contexts was sound evidence of the take up of the knowledge.”

– Brian Wehlburg, Inside Outside Management.


  • Blackwood Basin Group
  • Brunswick River Restoration Action Group
  • City of Busselton
  • Katanning Landcare
  • Rylington Park
  • Soil Restoration Farming
  • Southampton Homestead and Farm
  • South West Agroforestry Network
  • South West FoodBowl Inc
  • Truffle Producers of WA
  • Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone
  • Warren Catchments Council


5 community members supported


12 community members supported


6 events supported


17 events supported

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